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Introdution :

  In 1993 Umeville established itself a leader in the Taiwanese traditional Turnip Cake (Carrot Cake) and processed Hydro-colloid jelly deserts. Some of these are Chinese Herbal Jelly / Extract and Fruit Jelly. In addition, providing a multifunctional catering service capability and hypermarket channel sales in Taiwan, Japan and eastern US.

   In the market where "quality comes first and customer demands are priority", we are determined to perfect the technology of making Turnip (carrot) cake, which is a Chinese traditional Dim Sum. Also, the improvement of making hydrocolloid after-meal jelly sweets is important to us. We are committed to make our products the most distinguished in the market.

   Because we value our customer, we strive for a team approach with open communication among the employees. Opinions and Feedback from our customers in this type of environment produces a win-win situation for all. We treasure this teamwork as our core company value.

  This open communication value also helps Umeville stay competitive, improve development efficiency, and continuing to improve quality. Umeville is devoted to researching and developing the best products that meet the demands of health conscious customers who seek for high quality products.

Certifications :

  In May of year 2007, Umeville was certified of ISO-9001. It is indeed a big leap that has brought us to the international standard. In the same time, HACCP verified us as a qualified factory complies to all their standards. We dare to declare Umeville a certified quality management system promotes, facilitates and consistency and improvements in all products.








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